PM urges world to fulfill its moral obligations on Kashmir dispute


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PM urges world to fulfill its moral obligations on Kashmir dispute
Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
on Wednesday called upon the international community to fulfill its
moral obligations on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, to realise the
dream of peace in South Asia.
“The dream of peace in South Asia cannot be realised until the
world continues to disregard its moral obligations by neglecting the
accepted right of justice and self-determination,” the Prime
Minister said in a message on “Yaum-e-Neela Butt.”
He said the happenings in Kashmir over the last one year
presented irrevocable proofs of the fact that the ongoing freedom
struggle in Kashmir was indigenous and unarmed, and it was facing
state terrorism.
The Prime Minister said that the government and people of
Pakistan were unanimous in the view that the political, diplomatic
and moral support of Kashmiris ran in their blood.
“Not a single moment came in the 70 years history of Pakistan,
when Pakistani nation would not have included the support of
Kashmiris in their priorities,” he added,
The Prime Minister, on the occasion of Neela Butt Day said: “I
want to reiterate the unflinching determination of Pakistani nation
and give a message to the people of Kashmir that the flame of
freedom lit by the personalities like Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan has
spread across the subcontinent.”
“The wheel of history cannot be reversed. This light will
Insha Allah prove as a dawn of freedom in Kashmir and the incomplete
agenda of the partition of Hind will reach its culmination,” he

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