Parents uncomfortable stay in hard hospital chairs prompts…

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When Barbara and David Tilbury kept a bedside vigil over their son for several days in hospital, it was spent sat in hard plastic chairs over night.

Sadly, 47-year-old Patrick lost his fight and died at the Royal Devon & Hospital. In his memory, they organised for three convertible chairs to be donated to the RD&E to make it more comfortable for other families and carers who find themselves in a similar situation on the neurological ward.

The £4,500 donation to the Bolham Ward Trust Fund was made possible thanks to Barbara and David, from Exeter, close friend Laura Coniam and local charities The Exeter Foundation, and The Exeter Lions.

Barbara said: “Sadly David and I were in the position of needing to stay by our son’s bedside for several nights when he was desperately ill and sitting on a hard plastic chair all night watching our son fight for his life was sheer purgatory.

“Sadly he lost his fight, a tragic loss for us, but our heartfelt thanks go to these wonderful people for their empathy in understanding what a difference these convertible chair-beds can make to others who find themselves, unhappily, in the same position as we were.”

The chairs, which convert into beds, will enable people to stay with their relatives if they need to help care for them during their time on the ward.

The donation will help further the hospital’s support for John’s Campaign, a national initiative which promotes the importance of relatives who are carers being able stay with patients for as long as they wish when they are in hospital.

Anny Willett, Bolham Ward matron, said: “We are absolutely delighted with this very kind donation. These reclining chairs for relatives make such a difference to families who wish to stay with a loved one either because the patient has dementia or because they are coming to the end of their life.

“We are extremely grateful to these charities and the Tilbury’s for helping to make this happen.”

Two of the chairs have been funded by The Exeter Foundation and the third jointly by Laura and The Exeter Lions.

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