Obstruction arrest led to Sunderland man being recalled on jail sentence

A man has been ordered to serve the remainder of a long prison sentence after struggling with police trying to arrest him.

Graham Nesbitt, 40, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years for stabbing a man in a row over a dog but absconded from a bail hostel to visit his father in Sunderland.

When he visited a city centre flat belonging to his sister but police were called by other relations who didn’t want him there and South Tyneside Magistrates court heard he became aggressive with the officers.

Laura Lax, prosecuting, said “There was a struggle as the officers tried to arrest him. Among the things Nesbitt said was that he would be out of prison in 10 months and would go to war with Northumbria Police. He also made threats to kill and injure the officers.”

Nesbitt, whose address was given as the bail hostel in Hylton Road, Pennywell, Sunderland, admitted obstructing a police officer on October 16, last year.

His not guilty plea to assaulting a police officer was accepted on the morning his trial was due to start.

Nick Cartmell, defending, said: “The police were effectively used in this situation by the person who called them to get Mr Nesbitt out of the flat. His fury was more directed at that person, rather than the officers.

“As a result of this arrest, Mr Nesbitt has been recalled to prison to serve the remainder of his long sentence imposed in 2010.

“His release date is eight months away, which is much longer in prison than could be imposed for this offence.”

Mr Cartmell told the court Nesbitt would have ‘access to money’ on his release from custody to pay a fine.

The bench ordered Nesbitt to pay £310 in fines and costs.

He was given 56 days to pay from his expected release date of August 25.