North West Tourism on development and improvement of Tourism sector

Bojanala Lekgotla pushes for integration within the Tourism Sector

Tourism product owners across the Bojanala District agree with the department’s call to integrate and coordinate programmes for the development and improvement of Tourism sector in the province. Owners further agreed that through the hosting of major events and marketing of art and cultural products, the sector will assist in improving the economy of the province and further contribute in creating more jobs.

The agreement was endorsed during the district Bojanala Lekgotla held in Rustenburg on Tuesday where more than Hundred product owners gave a clear perspective on the Tourism environment in their area. The main objective of the district lekgotla was to foster integrated tourism planning and development across all spheres of Government.

The venture will in the final analysis ensure that Agriculture, Culture and Tourism (ACT) become the biggest contributor in the economy of the district and the province.

Addressing delegates during the Bojanala district Lekgotla, Tourism MEC Desbo Mohono called on product owners to strive against all odds to make a positive contribution towards the economy of this province.

She said that her department will continue to support them. “Our gathering is about creating a communication platform on various tourism related aspects that includes partnerships, marketing, and advertising, funding models, the private sector, information centres and Tourism Hubs.

We have made many positive strides in the Tourism sector within the Bokone Bophirima Province at its entirety” said MEC Mohono.

MEC Mhohono further said that her department prides itself with Product owners and business people that continue to represent the province very well against whatever glitches they are faced with. “More recently the statistics showed that we have improved tremendously and that on its own shows that along the line we are on the right path” she said.

The Bojanala Mayor Fetsang Mokati-Thebe reiterated MEC Mohono’s statement that government cannot do business with people that are not on the same wave length with it. She said that it will be difficult for government alone to achieve its intended goals.

The department will host three more Tourism Makgotla across the province. After consultation in the Four districts the department will host the provincial tourism lekgotla that will finally come up with resolutions that will further map the way forward on coordinated services and programmes.

Source: Government of South Africa.

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