North West Human Settlements on Auditor General’s report and recommendations

Department discuss AG’s report and recommendations

Following the Auditor General’s audit outcome of 2016/2017, the Department of Local Government & Human Settlements has embarked on a process to ensure that these recommendations are implemented findings are included in the national housing policy.

The department has held a session with stakeholders to work on corrective measures on issues raised by the AG.

The AG has recommended amongst others that:

Department should put in place internal controls that before projects are paid, they must be physically verified.

Detailed inspection reports should be verified

Project monitoring should be done regularly

Defects should be thoroughly investigated and rectified within the 5 year warrantee period

House designs must be clarified in project specification

The annual business plan should clearly indicate projects which must be prioritised

Department must develop a procedure manual for the housing delivery process flow

Christelle van der Westhuizen from the National Department of Human Settlements adviced that that there should be proper control for accurate inspection of complete houses and that all defects must be reported to the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) for correction, she said.

Source: Government of South Africa