North Korea proposes halt in nuclear tests

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Ambassador An Myong Hun/UN Photo

North Korea will  implement a moratorium on its nuclear tests if the United States temporarily suspends the military exercises it annually conducts with South Korea.

That’s the proposal that was unveiled by the country’s deputy representative to the United Nations, Ambassador An Myong Hun on Tuesday.

He said the large scale war games undertaken every year by the United States and South Korea are the root cause of the escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula.

“The government of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea proposed to the United States to temporarily suspend the joint military exercises which it conducts every year in the territory of South Korea and if this is the case, we will respond by also temporarily suspending the nuclear tests which the United States is concerned about.” (28″)

There was no immediate reaction from the United States representative to the United Nations to the North Korean proposal.

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations