Mousawi: Aoun eligible for restoring proper…

NNA – Michel Aoun, who enjoys a wide popular base of support, is solely eligible for restoring proper (Christian) rights, Hizbullah parliamentarian Nawwaf Mousawi, told a group of graduating party pupils in Baflay Huseiniyya mosque-South Lebanon today.

The interior minister’s blueprint for fighting ISIL is pretty much acceptable to our party and all factions should rally now to this end, the deputy added.

Hizbullah wishes to see definite laws incriminating NOSRA/ISIL passed he went on. Such legislations are prone to reflect Lebanese confessional spirit of partnership and diversity where each sect gets fairly and proportionally represented Mousawi retorted.

As we had fought Israel and won at one time, we urge Lebanese factions to join us in our actual anti-NOSRA/ISIL Jihad. Mousawi said.

Reiterating need for installing Aoun as Lebanese president, the MP concluded that based on the massive rally he’d managed to mobilize recently, he alone is the embodiment of an omnipotent Christian head of state.