Monday, February 29, 2016

Time Topic

9:30 Under the joint patronage of Lebanese and Egyptian Trade ministers Alain Hakeem and Tarek Qabil, “Egypt/Lebanon to Africa Event”, gets underway at the Beirut Phoenicia Hotel in conjunction with Beirut and Tripoli Chambers of Commerce


10:00 Deputy of the House Robert Ghanem, presiding over Joint House Justice and Administration Commission hearing devoted to following up a bill of motion for the protection of Lebanese consumers

12:00 Deputy of the House Samir Jisr, presiding over Joint House Defense & Municipal Affairs’ sub-commission hearing devoted to discussing non-Muhammadan Inheritance bill of motion


12:00 Information minister Ramzi Jreij, unveiling a placard at Studio # 6/Radio Lebanon, in honour of Lebanese pop singer Fairouz

12:00 Deputy-head of the Shiite Supreme Council Abdul-Amir Qabalan, hosting visiting Senior Iranian advisor for Judicial matters at the SSC’s main office near Beirut Airport

12:30 Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj-Hassan meets with Trade & Economy minister Alain Hakim at his ministry office

18:00 Upon an invitation by the Union of Palestinian Writers, Palestinian author Ramez Mustafa, signs his latest book titled: ‘ Anxiety of Initiatives & Steadfastness; War on Gaza in 2014″ at UNESCO Palace

18:00 “Gather to Look Better” in pursuit of promoting Developmental Energies at the Small Ville Hotel in presence of Lebanese fashion designer Abdo Mahfouz