Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement on today’s announcement from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Hellenic Parliament’s approval of legislation on sharia

The Hellenic Parliament took a historic step, passing the legislation on Sharia that strengthens egalitarianism and equality before the law for all Greek women and men.

It is legislation that strengthens the system of legal guarantees and individual rights, ultimately embettering the living conditions of all members of the community.

The legislation regarding the Muslim minority of Thrace is a Greek domestic affair, regarding which outside interventions are unacceptable. Turkey would do well to focus on its own affairs and its own serious internal issues.

Furthermore, we point out that the persons being prosecuted for unlawful impersonation of religious authority, who are also under indictment for other crimes, cannot be held up as self-appointed and credible interlocutors on any issue and in no European state that is well-governed by and imbued with democratic principles.

As a member of the European Union, Greece has voluntarily committed itself to specific Treaties, including the European Convention on Human rights.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Hellenic Republic