Military Veterans concerned about planned illegal march by military veterans

The department is concerned about the planned illegal march and urges military veterans to desist

The Department of Military Veterans has received with serious concern information that there are some military veterans who plan to undertake an illegal march to the Department of military veterans in Pretoria on 05 February 2018.

The department acknowledges and respects the constitutional rights of the military veterans to raise their issues with the department regarding the benefits the department provides as well as related services. However the department urges the military veterans to do so in line with the laws of the country and to use the channels which have been established for this purpose.

The department is in constant engagement with South African National Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) and its affiliates to find seamless mechanism to provide the 11 benefits outlined in the Military Veterans Act 18 of 2011.

Currently the department is working hard processing more than 11 000 applications for both basic and higher education support benefit for the academic year 2018, working with SANMVA and its affiliates.

The department therefore urges the military veterans and their dependents to desist from engaging in illegal protests and to work with the department and their associations in finding lasting solutions to resolve the matters at hand.

The department is currently working with law enforcement agencies to ensure that the safety of staff as well as the property will not be endangered.

Source: Government of South Africa