Meeting on the establishment of an International Team of Experts provided for by the Prespa Agreement on the issue of commercial names (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 08 April 2019)

A meeting on the establishment of an International Team of Experts, as provided for by the Prespa Agreement (article 1, par. 3) on the issue of commercial names, trademarks, and brandnames was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, 8 April.

Representatives from the co-competent Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Development, and Agricultural Development and Food participated, as well as representatives from the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation, the Hellenic Copyright Organisation, the Hellenic Food Authority EFET, and the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation-Dimitra.

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou requested that the International Team of Experts be mobilised as soon as possible, by mid-May at the latest. Experts on issues of International Commercial Law, Trademarks, and Commercial Names will participate on this team.

At the same time, as provided for by article 1, paragraph 3, subparagraph 9, the business communities of Greece and North Macedonia are encouraged to legislate and begin an honest and structured dialogue in a spirit of understanding, always within the framework of the European acquis.

In the immediate future, detailed briefing notes will be produced, which will cover the entire range of issues pertaining to commercial names, trademarks, and brandnames.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic