MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe hands over Khubvi Primary School, 25 Aug

Zwonaka Maumela learns in conducive environment at Khubvi Primary School

A grade 5 Zwonaka Maumela (10) and other learners of Khubvi Primary School are seen drinking water at a tap inside the school yard. It is during break and the rest of the learners are eating in the newly built dining room which is in their nutrition centre. Teachers are in their newly built and fully equiped admin block where they are exchanging their teaching expertise.

They will soon go back to their newly built two blocks of five classrooms each and a renovated block with two classrooms and a hall. Indeed teaching is also conducive in this school with paved car parking area accomodating 12 cars, guardroom surrounded by modern fence.

Passages between the blocks are also paved to keep learners clean and to avoid mud during raining seasons. This is what is seen at Khubvi Primary School in Thulamela Municipality on daily basis.

Few years ago there was an outcry following delapidated classrooms of this school. All that is the thing of the past. The Department of Education has provided the community with new State-of-Art school which also has its own library.

Looking at the school, the founder and first principal of Khubvi Primary school Mr Mphatheleni Enos Mukhubu said, I never thought we will one day have a beautiful school like this. We thank government for this good gift.

Pensioner Mukhubu worked in this school as the principal for 35 years. He retired in 1987. Mr Mukhubu is delighted to hear that this beautiful school will be officially handed-over to the community this week. Excitedly he said, Ayo ndi mafhungo a vhudi vhukuma. Ri a zwi fhululedza Meaning this is good news and he congratulate the department.

The MEC for Education will hand-over Khubvi Primary School as follows:

Venue: Khubvi Primary School

Date: 25 August 2017

Time: 11h00

There will be entertainment by learners, members of the community and local poet during the event. It is expected that the founder Mr Mukhubu will be among the guests to witness the event. Also in attended will be political, religious and community leaders under the leadership of khosi Vho-TL Randima.

Source: Government of South Africa