MEC Helen Sauls-August attends induction seminar for medical interns, 12 Apr

Eastern Cape Health MEC, Ms Helen Sauls-August will attend the induction seminar for first year medical interns who have been allocated to do internship at the four accredited institutions in the province. The purpose of the seminar is to optimise medical internship training in collaboration with the accredited institutions by orientating young doctors on departmental priorities, policies, prescripts, HPSCA guidelines and ethical code of conduct.

Eastern Cape Department of Health and the HPCSA are, most of the time inundated with complaints from the consumers of health services about malpractice related to incompetence and negligence amongst the Health Professionals which can be attributed to lack of supervision, coaching and mentoring during training and lack of information and guidance on priorities and strategic objectives of the department.

The malpractice and negligence by health professionals impact negatively to the provision of quality health care services to Eastern Cape citizens and has resulted in medico-legal claims. Between 2010 and 2017, the department has cumulatively paid R 1.1 billion of medico legal claims and R 433.526 mil on Legal fees. For 2017/18, the department paid R423.396 mil and R44.452 mil to the State Attorney. Subsequent to malpractice and negligence complaints, it becomes incumbent and in collaboration with the accredited institutions to induct all first year Medical Interns on policies, prescripts, HPSCA guidelines and ethical code of conduct.

There are four Institutions accredited for training of Medical Interns in the province. The accreditation status is subject to regular accreditation evaluation visits and adherence to the prescribed criteria and requirements as stipulated by the HPCSA. Training is provided for a period of 24 months under supervision and guidance, in accredited institutions, with the aim of developing the intern’s knowledge, skills, understanding and experience in patient care in order to function as competent and safe medical practitioners. The training is comprehensive and complementary to the health care system being developed in South Africa.

Source: Government of South Africa