MEC Donald Grant on services needed on Cape Central Line

PRASA must work to restore service to the Cape Central Line as a matter of urgency

With a suspended service to the Cape Central Line entering its third day, the effects are being felt the most by tens of thousands of commuters who rely on this service daily. This suspension follows the fatal shooting of a Metrorail security guard on Tuesday evening at the Chris Hani station in Khayelitsha.

The fatal shooting has resulting in other Metrorail staff opting not to return to work for fear of their safety, despite increased security arrangements being made.

This, and other pressing matters like the rampant cable theft that affects signalling systems, demand PRASA’s urgent attention and decisive intervention. Cape Town simply cannot function properly while a significant artery of the rail network remains suspended.

As MEC of Transport in the Western Cape, I am in regular contact with my counterpart at national level, Minister Joe Maswanganyi, to stress the critical importance of maintaining the central line service. PRASA must come to the party with solutions that result in the restoration of the service to the central line, as a matter of urgency. We expect that from next week, when schools open and most people are back at work, the effects of a suspended service will be felt the hardest.

Source: Government of South Africa