MEC Donald Grant on fighting crime following taxi related killings in Hout Bay

Traffic authorities intensify enforcement following taxi related killings in Hout Bay

This morning, following a spate of fatal shootings believed to be taxi industry related, transport and law enforcement authorities convened an urgent meeting of the Transport Priority Committee where a commitment was made to intensify enforcement activities in the affected area while the situation remains tense.

The committee comprises Department of Transport and Public Works officials as well as Provincial Traffic, City of Cape Town law enforcement agencies, the NPA, and the South African Police Service (SAPS).

This morning’s violence left four people killed, and more injured. We condemn the violence in the strongest terms and will be assisting SAPS in their investigations in the hope of bringing the criminals responsible to justice.

The violence is believed to be related to ongoing disputes between two associations affiliated with the two Cape mother-bodies, CATA (Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association) and CODETA (Cape Organisation for the Democratic Taxi Association). The associations are CATA: Hout Bay Wynberg and Central Unity Taxi Association.

Illegal operations in this area date back a few years, resulting in sporadic clashes between the two associations.

The flaring tensions and past violence, driven by disputes over routes and illegal operations, prompted the Provincial Transport Registrar to issue notices of suspension to the affected associations last week, for violation of the Code of Conduct for minibus taxi associations and operators.

The suspensions prohibit them from carrying out operations, including long distance operations. Suspended associations are then affording a hearing, as per law, before a decision is taken by the Registrar to deregister an association on the grounds of their inappropriate conduct.

The Department of Transport and Public Works will continue to work closely with law enforcement authorities in coordinating operations and assisting SAPS in their investigations of the violent crime that has occurred in the Hout Bay area recently.

It is unacceptable that criminals threaten the safety of residents in the area. SAPS, Traffic and Metro Police prepared an integrated operational plan to stabilise the area in the short term and to maintain a heightened presence in the area over the medium to long term to root out illegal operators.

Source: Government of South Africa