MEC Debbie SchA�fer visits Levana Primary School as part of Back to school campaign, 17 Jan

MEC Debbie SchA�fer visits Levana Primary School, Lavender Hill on first day of school- 2018

On Wednesday 17th January 2018, more than a million learners are expected to arrive at schools across the Western Cape to begin the 2018 school year.

MEC SchA�fer will, on Wednesday, be visiting Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill to meet and interact with teachers, learners and parents on the first day of school.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has been working hard to ensure that its schools are prepared, so as to ensure a smooth start to the academic year.

The purpose of the visit is to oversee the readiness of the school for the new academic year, and that teaching and learning begins on the first day. Minister Schafer will also be there to welcome new learners and parents of learners to the school.

Source: Government of South Africa