MEC Beverley SchAfer raises awareness for Jump app

MEC of Economic Opportunities Beverley SchAfer to show her support for Jump app by jumping out of a plane

A new online platform for small businesses is about to launch and MECBeverley SchAfer will be jumping out of a plane to show her support.

Jump is a new way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with each other, with business support, with business experts and with digital tools.

Jump helps SMMEs see what support is available to them, and to more efficiently access that support whether it’s a mentor, a funder or business advice from an expert.

Jump’s beta version will go live later this month, however businesses can already register now, so that they are listed when it goes live. Over 1100 businesses have already signed up.

As part of the launch, small business owners could enter into a competition to win a chance to skydive with MEC SchAfer. Farouk Gabier from Grassy Park won the opportunity. He is setting up a gym for children in his area called Urchin-Wildchild.

The pair will be taking the leap this week. Professional video footage of the jump will be available to media outlets on Monday.

MEC SchAfer said: “As part of our focus on the future economy, we have developed this digital solution which will help small businesses to access a range of support and solutions. We’ve already seen a number of businesses sign up to be involved, and I encourage all small businesses to sign up”.

Source: Government of South Africa