Massive weeding exercise on VP’s Tawoto farm

A massive weeding exercise over the weekend took place on the vice president’s Tawoto groundnut farm.

Spearheaded by the paramount chief of The Gambia, Alhaji Demba Sanyang, the weeding was done by APRC youth and women leaders, both youths and the elderly from the Old Yundum Constituency, as well as some family members of the vice president.

The seven-hectare farm is still under cultivation, a large area of which was cultivated with groundnut and plans are ahead to grow other crops in earnest to cover the whole land.

Speaking on the sidelines of the exercise, Paramount Chief Sanyang hailed President Jammeh for leading by example as a farmer president.

He described farming as a phenomenon that alleviates poverty and hunger, adding that it is therefore incumbent upon all and sundry, in particular the youths to venture into it in order to attain food self-sufficiency.

He also frowns at the sky rocketing pace of the price of basic food commodities, giving an example of the price of a one kilo tin of groundnut in the local market, which he said costs over D200. Such increases, he added, can be attributed to inadequate supply at the local markets, noting that through agriculture, those needs would be addressed.

“The most undisputable solution to these problems is for the Gambians to adhere to the Gambian leader’s clarion call for people to go back to the land to grow what we eat and eat what you grow,” he said.

“Basic foods of this nature should not be imported into this country as long as Gambians are blessed with abundance of fertile land. The time has come for Gambians to realise the importance of farming as it is one of the possible alternatives to free the market of price inflation of basic food commodities.”

He thanked the participants for responding to the noble course and equally advised them to take farming seriously by each having a plot of farm land to cultivate for their well-being.

Mariam Sallah, a family member of the vice president, was full of praises for the volunteers, describing their participation as a demonstration of patriotism and commitment to embrace Vision 2016.

Sallah went on to describe the Vision as a strategic one, which requires commitment and hard work to be achieved.