Kisii County Called to Bolster Health Services Following Senate Committee Review

Kisii, In a comprehensive assessment by the Senate Health Committee, the Kisii County government has been urged to make immediate improvements to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH). The committee, chaired by Senator Jackson Mandago, identified several pressing issues during a fact-finding mission at the hospital that require prompt action.

According to Kenya News Agency, the committee, along with County Assembly Health Committee members, inspected the facility and pinpointed several challenges. A significant concern raised was the inadequate supply of oxygen in the hospital theatres—a marked decline from a year prior when KTRH was able to supply not only their own needs but also those of nearby health facilities and neighbouring counties.

The Senator underscored the importance of returning to previous oxygen supply levels and ensuring the facility’s functionality. Additionally, Mandago called for the improvement of record-keeping practices within the pharmaceutical stores, advocating for the digitization of records to monitor drug usage and stock levels more effectively.

Maintenance issues were also on the agenda, with a call for general repairs throughout the hospital and specific instructions for the Public Health Officer to ensure the incinerator’s operation. Despite these challenges, the committee noted the hospital’s commendable performance in certain areas, such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and mortuary services, which were likened to the standards of private institutions.

The Senator also touched on the dedication of healthcare providers, encouraging them to continue their support for patients amidst these systemic challenges. Contributing to the discussion, Senator Esther Okenyuri raised concerns over the low number of expectant mothers receiving prenatal care, calling on Community Health Promoters to engage more expectant mothers in utilizing prenatal and postnatal services.

Highlighting the significance of the visit, Kisii County Assembly Health Committee Member Amos Onderi pointed out the need to address gaps in health service delivery and demand creation. Onderi, representing Bokimonge Ward, stressed the need for a Regional Screening Center to facilitate local blood screening instead of relying on services in Nairobi and underscored the importance of managing pharmaceutical supplies, especially for intensive tuberculosis treatment at KTRH.

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka framed the assessment as a foundational step towards formulating recommendations and securing national government support through additional funding. Onyonka urged local authorities to ensure health facilities meet operational standards and emphasized Governor Simba Arati’s role in the success of facilities like the Mother and Child Hospital in the coming years.

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