Kilifi Residents Urged to Collect Over 35,000 Ready Title Deeds

KILIFI – The Cabinet Secretary for Land, Alice Wahome, announced that over 35,000 title deeds are available for collection at the lands office in Kilifi. This statement was made during her unannounced visit to the office yesterday, where she encouraged those who have applied for title deeds to pick them up to secure their property rights.

According to Kenya News Agency, the acceleration in processing land documents is part of the government’s effort to strengthen the relationship with citizens and ensure harmonious governance. However, she raised concerns about the trend of violence towards the elderly after receiving title deeds, noting that such incidents have led to fear among potential recipients. These violent acts, often perpetrated by younger family members, deter elderly citizens from claiming their legally owned documents.

Wahome expressed her commitment to addressing the challenges facing the lands office in Kilifi County, highlighting the need for rapid response and transfer of records to ensure rightful owners receive their title deeds. She emphasized the urgency of this matter as it directly impacts the legal possession and ownership of land.

Furthermore, the Cabinet Secretary warned against the illegal acquisition of land and title deeds, indicating that with support from the presidency, there would be enhanced order in land matters. The government’s initiative reflects a concerted effort to rectify land ownership issues and to foster greater transparency and accountability within the sector.

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