Kenya Police SACCO Commits to Planting Over 1.5 million Trees by 2028

Nairobi, Kenya — In a robust response to climate change, the Kenya Police National DT Sacco has launched a five-year initiative to plant more than 1.5 million tree seedlings. This effort is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to boost national forestry.

According to Kenya News Agency, who spoke at the kick-off event at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters on Kiambu Road, the Kenya Police SACCO is aligning with President Ruto’s directive to plant 15 billion trees within the next decade. Chelugui heralded the SACCO for its service and governance, calling it a national exemplar.

The tree planting endeavor, symbolically inaugurated at the DCI grounds, is an initial step towards a grander goal. The SACCO, under the leadership of Chairman David Sohelo Mategwa, took the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of the adjoining Karura Forest area. Mategwa underscored the environmental commitment of the SACCO, which includes planting fruit trees to support wildlife in the ecosystem.

Emphasizing the need for collective environmental stewardship, the CS detailed a mandate for Kenyans to plant at least 30 trees annually, setting a course to achieve a 30 percent national tree cover by 2032. This ambitious target is bolstered by recent legal frameworks aimed at safeguarding SACCO members’ contributions, ensuring financial security in the cooperative sector.

The ceremony was also a platform to reflect on Kenya’s global standing in SACCO and cooperative membership, with Chelugui asserting Kenya’s leadership role both continentally and internationally.

The SACCO’s tree planting mission will not be limited to Nairobi. Mategwa announced plans to extend these green efforts into arid and semi-arid regions that are grappling with the severe impacts of climate change, including floods and droughts.

This initiative follows the findings of the National Forest Resources Assessment 2021, revealing that Kenya has attained a 12.13 percent tree cover, with a majority of counties surpassing the constitutional target of 10 percent. The overarching national objective is to substantially increase the tree cover, contributing to the global fight against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity.

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