Illawarra beaches a little bit of heaven

The scene overlooking the Port Kembla beach and Olympic pool on a magic day. Picture: Kellie O'Brien.

The scene overlooking the Port Kembla beach and Olympic pool on a magic day. Picture: Kellie O’Brien.

“Mate, it’s got some of the best beaches in the country. You’ll love it.’’

On contemplation of relocating to this region from the island state of Tasmania, the opinion of an older, Sydney-based brother was sought.

The words rang loudly in the ears.

It was one of many incentives to relocate the family north.

Memories of my own childhood summers on Tassie beaches came flooding back.

‘’Wouldn’t it be great to raise the kids around some of the best beaches in the country?,’’ was the thought.

So the little family from Tassie has had a wonderful time exploring the many beaches of the region, especially around our home and less crowded beaches of the south.

To greater enhance the kids desire to hit the beach _ they’ve been raised soft in the heated pools of the aquatic centre in their old home town _ Santa was given some very clear direction.

Santa had strict instructions to deliver matching boogie boards on Christmas Day.

They had to be matching as then there could be no fighting over who had the pink one and who had the purple one.

Sure enough, on Christmas morning, there under the tree sat two perfectly wrapped boogie boards.

Who in their right mind wraps boogie boards?

Yet Mrs Claus demanded they were wrapped, so Santa wrapped the bloody boogie boards.

Next year, I’m tipping Santa will bring iPods.

Anyways, the boogie boards had the desired impact.

They were christened in some kid-friendly surf conditions at Shellharbour and the eldest one, who is eight, described it as ‘’the best day of her life’’.

Mind you, this is a kid who says that nearly every day.

One beach we hadn’t found though until recently was Port Kembla.

For some reason, we just hadn’t made it to that beach and really didn’t know what to expect when we wove our way around the road.

What we saw left us agape.

A simply majestic beach which seemingly stretches on forever and was not crushed with the crowds of the beaches in the city or further north.

Not to mention awesome salt-water pools with kid-friendly facilities if you decide you need a break from the rolling surf.

These are the images everyone in this great country should immediately think of when the hear the words “port’’ and “kembla’’.

Simply stunning.

This region has so much going for it and it only needs the world to find out about it.

Where do your kids swim in the summer?

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