How to spot Santa on his practice runs in the skies over Devon

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Santa is busy this time of year, as you’d expect, but if you want to catch a glimpse of him there will be a few opportunities to see his sleigh as it passes over Exeter in the days ahead.

Anyone who says the bright-glowing object sparing over the city is just the International Space Station is clearly deluded and is angling for a spot on the Naughty List.

Last year that star-like streak passed over Exeter on Christmas Eve, and while you won’t be able to catch santa on the big day this year you can see him making his practice runs between now and December 21.

So if you want to spot the Big Man, here’s when and where…

He will make an appearance on December 21 between 5pm and 5.03pm. The Internal Santa’s Sleigh will be bright and pass low in the sky from west to east.

If you want to see it higher up in the sky, there will be a ‘medium altitude’ bright pass from west to east on December 19 between 5.07pm and 5.10pm.

What to look for

Here’s a guide to spotting the ISS from Twitter’s resident amateur astronomer, @VirtualAstro.

“When the ISS passes over it will appear as an incredibly bright star like object or plane without flashing lights moving across the sky, it can be at times the brightest object in the night sky second to the Moon.”

You can use NASA’s tool to work out when exactly you can see the ISS.


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