Hmayed: Unity is Lebanese fate

NNA – “Development and Liberation” MP Ayoub Hmayed said “we should all realize that our interest is to unite, unity is our destiny”.

“Lebanon’s interest is to be at the same distance from the entire Arab world”.

The Deputy stressed the need to stay away from the regional and international polarization, asking to preserve our constants.

His remarks came during a memorial service in Baysariyeh Village in the south, in the presence of dignitaries.

Hmayed focused on dialogue and its importance to safeguard the country.

“Our permanent call is dialogue as well as the kind word for the benefit of the country,” he confirmed.

The lawmaker hoped that the institutions would reactivate their work and elect a president to later form a new Cabinet that would be able to function.

Regarding the blockade, which is affecting the security and military institutions, he said “these institutions had offered sacrifices”.

He called on the Lebanese to support the military and security institutions “as these institutions are alone capable of ensuring the continuation of Lebanon as a nation and as institutions”.