Health, Information ministers applaud President Jammeh for Washington award

Health minister, Omar Sey, described the prestigious award as both a national and global pride especially for Africa. He said President Jammeh is not only seen as president for The Gambia but the entire Africa as depicted by the award. “This is something we should be proud of as a country, choosing him out of 52 countries is a great pride,” he said.

Minister Sey expressed belief that there would be more award coming on the President’s way because of his distinguished leadership qualities. According to him, he specified his innovative leadership style in health, education, agriculture and environment among other sectors, saying all these sectors have passed a mark recognised by the larger world. All these, he added, contribute to the image of the country.

The Health minister pointed out that The Gambia as a nation should be very proud of President Jammeh, who he said leads by example.

Minister Omar Sey disclosed that because of President Jammeh’s extraordinary leadership style a lot of investors are willing to come to The Gambia and invest massively.

For Information minister, Sheriff Bojang, it is another deserved feather in the cap of the President, his government and the entire Gambian people.

He went on to describe President Jammeh as an inspirational and bold leader whose achievements and sterling qualities as leader are being recognised across the world with this award being one of those manifestations.

“Last week, we were in Darkar representing him at the Extraordinary Summit of the ECOWAS and a lot of heads of state presented were re-echoing exactly what His Excellency has been saying over the years,” he disclosed.