Hariri receives the Higher Islamic Council:…

NNA – The Media Office of Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri issued on Saturday the following press release:

“Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the Center House, the members of the Higher Islamic Council headed by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, in the presence of Former Minister Omar Miskawi, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Minister of Interior Nouhad Machnouk, MP Bahia Hariri, the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malek Al-Chaar , Bekaa Mufti Sheikh Khalil Mays, Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheik Mohammed Ali Jouzou, the Mufti of Sidon and the South Sheikh Salim Sousan, the Mufti of Hasbaya and Marjayoun Sheikh Hassan Dallah, the Mufti of Baalbek Sheikh Khalid al-Solh, the Mufti of Tyr Sheikh Medrar Habal and the Mufti of Rashaya Ahmad Ladan.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Hariri said: “This house has always gathered the Lebanese in general and the Muslims in particular. We will continue on this path and will not change it.
We are now experiencing a very difficult period, and we, as politicians, and you as religious leaders, have a shared responsibility and a duty in the face of all attempts to distort the image of Islam and accuse Muslims of terrorism and extremism. We are all witnessing these attempts to undermine Islam and Muslims and portray them as terrorists, in opposition to the essence of what the true religion of Islam represents.

Extremism is a big danger for Lebanon, the Muslims, the region and the world, and all countries are suffering from this devastating scourge, that contradicts the principles of the Islam and its message, which calls for tolerance and love and rejects all kinds of violence and terrorism.
We emphasize moderation, and we work on applying it in our behaviors and practices. But we must join our efforts, not in the fight against extremism only but also in raising awareness among the young and rising generation, to explain the dangers of extremism and terrorism and the need to avoid being dragged into adopting ideas and propaganda. We need to emphasize the importance of moderation and its effects in the regularity of life and the progress of humanity.

Moderation is a position and a force. We have to confront extremism in deeds and not only in words. We have a shared responsibility in circulating this concept in our society, through sermons and stances. What matters to me is that we work together to end all fragmentation factors between Muslims and fortify the Islamic arena and save it from all the attacks against it, because the unity of Muslims is the basis of the unity of Lebanon, without exception, and we will always support this unity”.

Hariri called for an acceleration of the prosecution of the detained Islamist prisoners, “in order to release the innocents and punish the criminals or terrorists, and we will do our best with the concerned authorities to speed up these trials, because it is unacceptable that their detention lasts so long”.

Mufti Derian
Mufti Derian said: “This meeting is held at the “Center House” and we are a nation of moderation, Premier Hariri said, and moderation is the main title of Islam.
This meeting today is a gathering meeting, especially after ending the dispute between religious institutions. We must work to restore confidence in Dar fatwa and its role in the regions and its affiliated institutions, because we cannot work without the trust of the people, and the Islamic Council will work on developing the laws and regulations of Dar Al-fatwa.
In our community, we count a lot on all the courageous initiatives taken by Prime Minister Hariri to move Lebanon out of its successive crises and solve the constitutional and socio-economic problems”.
He said that “Hariri’s initiatives are always national, and not personal, and we must all stand beside him and support him. You returned to Lebanon despite all the harsh conditions that you were aware of, to reactivate all the stagnant files. The Lebanese political mind always finds solutions, and be sure that we are part of this equation and of this country Lebanon, which we have chosen to be our nation. We are part of this State and we do not have a special project outside this State.

The solution always comes from us and from our political authority. Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri saved Lebanon from the conflicts and wars, through the Taif accord that laid solutions and stability in Lebanon. We must hold on to this accord and not allow anyone to take us back to the starting point zero and call for a constituent assembly. We are with Taif because we paid the price of this accord with tears and the blood of the martyrs and we must preserve it”.

Addressing Hariri, Derian added: “We are counting on you to fix the Saudi -Lebanese relationship; you are the most indicated for this because the Sunni Muslims in Lebanon and the majority of the Lebanese are loyal to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the other Gulf States.” He called on Hariri to deliver this message, “from the highest council of the Sunni community, to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because our stances support those who stood by us during our crises”.

Hariri then held a lunch in honor of the guests, in the presence of Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk and a number of Future Movement deputies.”