Half of Exeter homes now have at least five TVs

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Almost half of households (44 per cent) in Exeter own at least five TVs according to a new survey – but 53 per cent of people polled said at least one is broken and collecting dust.

When it comes to recycling TVs, 34 per cent of people said they wished they knew more.

Screen size has also continued to creep up in the area over the years – 41 per cent of people in Exeter surveyed claimed their TVs have 40 to 49 inch screens.

Going for a home cinema experience, a further 14 per cent said they went for a minimum screen size of 50 inches.

Dr Philip Morton, CEO of REPIC – the UK’s largest WEEE compliance scheme – which commissioned the report, said: “With multiple viewing options available it’s interesting to see that TVs are still very much part of our home life – and it doesn’t look like we’ll be turning our back on the box anytime soon.

“As the survey reveals we’re increasingly ‘collecting’ TVs and exploring new technology as it comes along. The important message is that old and broken TVs need to be recycled through the correct channels. Re-use is something that should be considered too – if they aren’t being used – and if they are in good working condition – they could be passed on to someone else or donated to a re-use centre.”

To find your nearest recycling centre, visit here.