GPPA staff extend benevolence to disaster victims

The items include: 100 bags of 50kg rice; 100 bags of 50kg sugar; 50 gallons of oil and other condiments were received by the vice president and minister of Women’s Affairs, Her Excellency Aja Dr. Isatou Njie-Saidy, at her office.

On receiving the items, VP Njie-Saidy described the move by the association as wise and thoughtful and at the right time. She recognised that the gesture was geared towards complementing the efforts of President Jammeh, who she said has contributed in many ways to help Gambians. In terms of showing patriotism, she stated, people must show concern for the needy, those affected and those less-privileged.

The Women’s Affairs minister thanked the GPPA staff for their extra efforts, pointing out that they could have chosen not to help the disaster victims and keep their profits. “But you didn’t do that; you said no, lets share off what we have raised and help the most needy,” she noted.

VP reiterated that the idea of helping disaster victims by the association was a sound idea and that God would help them for their efforts. The Gambia, she said, is one big family, while pointing out that helping the needy is helping oneself. “The victims you are helping could be your relatives,” she said, while reminding everyone that disaster has no boundaries. She butressed that disaster is so natural and uncontrollable in a way that it can make a rich person poor in one day.

VP Njie-Saidy used the occasion to dilate on the functions of the GPPA, saying the President set it for a reason, which she said was to make sure that there is accountability in terms of procurement; and equity and equality.

Lalo Danso, the president of the association, also outlined the role of GPPA, saying it was established to ensure efficiency in public procurement and also to make sure that there is levelled playing field in the system, among other responsibilities. “On the part of GPPA, we strive hard to make sure that procurement organisations procure in a way and manner that they will be able to withstand scrutiny as stated in the principles of public procurement,’’ he explained.

On Staff Association, Danso went on, it came into being in 2013 with a policy and main objective of putting smiles on the faces of the GPPA staff.

He revealed that the association earlier this year organised a fund raising aimed at helping entirely disaster victims in the country. “We had a meeting in which we concluded that the President and the government cannot do it all alone and as individuals working in government, we gathered our resources together and intervene in those areas,” he remarked.

The Public Relations officer of the association, Dembo Jobarteh and the association’s treasurer Ndey Kumba Gaye-Njie both expressed similar sentiments.