Gnagna Province’s Education Sector Overcomes Challenges, Resumes Services in Relocated Schools

Bogandé, The Provincial Council of Primary Education of Gnagna convened on Friday, November 17, 2023, in Bogandé to assess the educational situation in the province. The meeting, held in the provincial directorate of Primary Preschool Education and Non-Formal Education (DPEPPNF), discussed various challenges and achievements in the region.

According to Burkina Information Agency, the provincial director of primary and non-formal preschool education in Gnagna, despite the difficult security context, educational activities have continued in the province. The meeting highlighted the collective efforts made by all stakeholders to ensure educational continuity in the Basic Education Districts.

Significantly, the Basic Education Districts (CEB) of Bilanga 1 and 2, after two years of relocation due to security concerns, have resumed services on their original sites. This development has led to the reopening of around twenty schools in Bilanga. Enrollment in several other CEBs in the province has increased compared to the previous school year.

The session addressed the main challenges, including the insufficiency of classrooms and teaching materials, and the high student-to-teacher ratio, with some classes accommodating between 150 and 200 students. Additionally, the meeting noted the psychological impact on teaching staff and the general population due to the prevailing security situation.

DPEPPNF manager Piga BIRBA reported that the State budget for the education sector in the province had achieved an execution rate of approximately 84%. He also informed the participants about the availability of funds allocated for staff capacity building and the annual teachers’ conference, pending the scheduling of dates by the relevant authority.

The session concluded with Salam Ouedraogo commending the dedication of all education stakeholders, which has enabled the continuation of education in the Gnagna province despite challenges.

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