GLMA director on Tobaski ram sale

The director of Technical and Field Services at The Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA) has underscored the significance of the ‘Tobaski’ ram sale currently taking place at Abuko, further explaining the annual event was initiated in 2011 by three institutions at the Ministry of Agriculture; namely The Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA), The Livestock and Horticulture Development Project (LHDP) and PROGEBE Gambia.

Ebrima Cham, who was speaking to reporters recently in the West Coast Region, noted that this year’s sale is organised and managed by GLMA in collaboration with the LHDP. Cham indicated that the purpose is to enhance the marketing of small ruminants in order to encourage local production with the ultimate aim of reducing the country’s dependence on importation.

According to him, GLMA and LHDP strongly believes that the local production of small ruminants can be encouraged through enhanced marketing particularly during ‘Tobaski’, which is the peak period where most of these animals are on high demand.

GLMA Technical and Field Services boss observed that the livestock producers and dealers, as well as the buyers, all stand to benefit as the event is meant to create a market for producers and dealers and at the same time increase buyer’s access to a wide array of marketable and affordable rams on sale.

He informed that LHDP supported groups as well as other producers and dealers within and without the country to take part in the event, adding that the event is in line with GLMA’s operational mandate to facilitate, promote and regulate the marketing of livestock in the country with the active participation of Gambians in the marketing chain.

He went on to thank the deputy minister of Agriculture and his team for facilitating the organisation and staging of this year’s sale.