Girault says France concerned on L

Girault says France concerned on Lebanon

Tue 09 Dec 2014 at 12:57


NNA – Former President Amine Gemayel met on Tuesday morning at Kataeb Saiyfi Headquarters with Jean-Francois Girault, head of the French Foreign Ministry’s Middle East and North Africa where the latter asserted that “France is concerned on the situation in Lebanon and backs swift presidential elections.”

Gemayel’s media office reported that talks focused on the need to fortify the domestic scene through filling the political gaps, as well as the priority to elect a president.

Gemayel touched on the paralysis of the institutions as result of the presidential vacuum, stressing that electing a president would end this deadlock.

Gemayel thanked French Presidency Francois Hollande for the exerted efforts to find resolution to the Lebanese crisis.

After the meeting Gemayel called on the Lebanese leaders to respond to the international initiatives and envoys which would aim at fortifying the Lebanese situation and dissociate Lebanon from the surrounding flames.