Gauteng Roads and Transport administers 400 special inter-provincial permits during festive season

As part of continued efforts to ensure compliance, promote ease of travel and reduce taxi-related violence, the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport processed over 400 special inter-provincial operating permits during the 2017 festive season.

The permits were issued to recognised [legal] Gauteng-based operators who complied with a set of requirements and had prior travel arrangements to enable them to convey passengers on special trips outside the province.

This assisted with reducing the number of illegal trips as well as the impounding of non-compliant vehicles by law-enforcement agencies.

Of the 419 that were processed, 374 permits were issued and collected by applicants for use whilst thirty (30) were declined as they did not comply with requirements.

Operators wishing to apply need to comply with the set of requirements listed below. Applications must the submitted three days prior to departure date:


A certified copy of ID (Not older than 3 months)

Proof of valid Operating License (valid printouts from OLAS system)

A valid tax clearance certificate from SARS

A valid and certified certificate of registration (Not older than 3 months).

A valid and certified certificate of roadworthy (Not older than 3 months).

A supporting letter or request signed under oath/affidavit from the leader of the organization or group requesting special transport services. The letter should detail the origin, destination, number of passengers, purpose of the trip, date of departure and return to Gauteng Province.

An affidavit from the operator clearly stating that existing services and the special event would not be disrupted or jeopardised.

Applicant to provide a detailed list of commuters requiring services of special event public transport and the period of an event.

A prescribed Form 3A is fully completed

The vehicle details are fully completed as required by SECTION E in the FORM 3A

Particulars of the route to and from the special event are clearly stated in a point to point description.

The pickup and drop off points of passengers is clearly specified.

A regulated fee of R50 is payable.

Source: Government of South Africa