Gauteng Health launches 60 ambulances in Orange Farm, 5 Dec

To improve response times in the province, the Gauteng Department of Health will on Monday 05 December 2016, launch new fleet of ambulances at Stredford Clinic, Orange Farm.

The emergency vehicles are fully equipped Obstetric friendly Intermediate Life Support Care, 10 patient transport vehicles with 23 seats, nine specialised light motor vehicle for rescue, two aquatic and hazardous material (HAZMAT) specialized rescue vehicles, 20 primary response vehicles, one Specialised Mobile Emergency Communication Unit with incident command capabilities, one Disabled Patient Transport vehicle, at a cost of R 56 million. The new ambulance fleet is specifically designed with combination Obstetric & Intermediate Life Support ambulances. One Emergency Communication & Command Unit (ECU) and Wheelchair transporter will also be showcased.

Furthermore, to strengthen the reduction of maternal deaths in the province, the Department will also on the day launch the pilot project of the limited obstetric ultrasound for advanced midwives.

This launch will see GE Health Africa donating portable Vscanners to the province. The Vscan is a revolutionary technology in healthcare that has contributed to increasing access to quality and affordable healthcare to rural communities across Africa. This has positively impacted in particular maternal health in Africa

To advance the quality of primary health care facilities in the province as well as to encourage patients to use clinics as their first contact point for consultation, the Department will also launch a 24 hours clinic. Stredford clinic which initially operated as a mobile clinic in 1987 then moved to a donated farm house offers services such as expanded program of immunization, emergency care, maternal health and chronic care amongst others.

Source: Government of South Africa.

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