Freedom Park hosts Bridging Ages International Conference, 11 to 14 Sept

Under the theme, ‘Creating a Legacy through Heritage Education and Time Travels” Freedom Park, an Agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, the National Department of Arts and Culture (DAC), Bridging Ages South Africa (BASA), Bridging Ages International (BAI), will host the Bridging Ages International Conference from the 11-14 September 2018 at Freedom Park., Pretoria. Bridging Ages Time Travel Method is an educational method that uses local heritage in a learning process to create reflection on contemporary issues and provides tools for community building, social cohesion and nation-building.
The Bridging Ages Conference is mainly intended for a variety of audiences, including interested individuals, staff, managers, historians, social workers, community development workers, tourist guides, educators, researchers and volunteers working within the domain of museums, municipalities, schools, universities, youth development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the DAC. Participants in the conference will include those from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Finland and Sweden. The conference offers training in Time Travel Method to various participants such as educators, learners, government officials, and heritage practitioners from various museums, foundations and municipalities. The conference is also a means to celebrate the centenaries of the former state President Nelson Mandela and AlbertinaSisulu.
The conference is of utmost significance to the DAC as the key supporter and Freedom Park as the headquarters of BASA and the host. The Time Travel Method is one of the key Education Programmes adopted by the Education Unit at Freedom Park and presented to the school learners, university students and the youth.
Local and international academics, researchers and heritage practitioners will deliver academic papers on themes and topics that broadly cover some of the following areas: create a legacy for the future; challenges in society / country; and a difference that Time Travel Method can make.

Source: Government of South Africa

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