Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for Africa in 2017

After a tumultuous 2016, sub-Saharan Africa is looking toward 2017 in the spirit of hope and opportunity. Technology continues to transform the continent, commodity-exporting countries are diversifying, and urban planning and city growth are being harnessed in ways that promote industrial development and improved livelihoods. In addition, with millions of young Africans entering the labor market, job creation remains a top agenda item. Simultaneously, potential threats to the region loom large: Climate change puts many parts of the region at risk for disasters such as floods or droughts; many governments continue to face corruption and violence; and global political uncertainty complicates peacekeeping efforts, aid disbursement, and overall investment. To explore these critical trends, the Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) at Brookings has compiled thoughts and recommendations from leading experts on these important issues in its annual Foresight Africa report.

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