Father-son team open new stable at Kembla

ON THE MOVE: Luke and Rob Price have opened up a second stable at Kembla Grange. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

ON THE MOVE: Luke and Rob Price have opened up a second stable at Kembla Grange. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

Rob and Luke Price know their move to Kembla Grange comes with some risk, but the father-son soon-to-be co-trainers believe the potential rewards can outweigh it.

The Price’s opened up a second stable nearby to the Illawarra Turf Club late last month after they were asked to take over a property purchased by long time clients, the Noble brothers.

While they will continue to operate their facility at Turpentine Park in Nowra, the lure of expanding and running another stable close to racing headquarters in Sydney was too good to refuse. 

“Bruce Noble is a mate of mine and he has always been keen to get me into this sort of environment,” Rob Price explains.

“It gets you closer to the city tracks and gives you a bit more draw on the bigger client and the better quality animal so it is going to work good.

“It will work great when everything is running smoothly.

“The farm is good. I don’t know which was racing is heading over the long period, but I think the farm is still really good. 

“We have got great facilities there and everything we need but this gets us closer to the city and is also a better tool for educating young horses that little bit quicker.

“They get a bit more professional quicker up here because they are in that environment.”

The Price’s spent several months repairing and updating facilities at their new Kembla base before eventually moving in just before Melbourne Cup day. 

The new facility has an additional 18 boxes to go with the 25 boxes they already had at their Nowra stable. 

More boxes obviously means more horses and that’s exactly where the risk factor comes in for Price.

“Obviously half of them are empty but that is the idea of the move too,” Rob Price said.

“It is a big risk because we need more horses.

“To me it is like opening up a coffee shop down the road from another coffee shop, which is what we are doing.

“You have to try and get customers and you can only do that by performing.”

The Price’s have been one of the leading country stables on the South Coast in recent times and the move undoubtedly gives them the chance to continue to grow. 

In the past it’s been Rob who has been at the helm of the operations while Luke assisted as his foreman while working a small team of runners himself.

In the coming weeks they hope to change that as the application for a joint training operation gets finalised through standard procedure by Racing NSW. 

“I know that people know the way we do things currently, but it will be pretty special I think [to be co-trainers],” Luke Price said.

“Part of the luxury of it will be having one of each of us in the one place at a time.

“We can work close together.

“We are on the phone to each other 24/7 as it is so have our eye running over both stables will be good.”

Luke will remain on site at the Kembla base while Rob will continue to oversee operations further south at Turpentine Park. 

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