Embu Bids Farewell to Former Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Moses Njue

Embu – The former Chief Government Pathologist, Dr. Moses Njue, was laid to rest at his ancestral farm in Rwika Sub-location, Mbeere South Constituency, Embu County. Dr. Njue, who had an extensive and distinguished career in pathology, passed away at the age of 61 on November 8 while receiving treatment at Imara Hospital in Embu.

According to Kenya News Agency, Dr. Njue’s career, which spanned over three decades, saw him rise to the position of Chief Government Pathologist. He later served as the Chief Executive Officer at the Embu Level Five Hospital before retiring three years ago. In the latter part of his career, Dr. Njue faced legal challenges related to allegations of organ harvesting. However, he maintained his innocence throughout the legal proceedings and was eventually acquitted alongside his son Lemuel Muriithi last year due to lack of evidence.

Mourners, including colleagues and family members, gathered on Saturday, November 18, for his burial ceremony. The current Chief Government Pathologist, Dr. Johansen Oduor, led the tributes, describing Dr. Njue as a forthright, go-getter, and a great mentor. “Dr. Njue is someone we knew way back during our school life as a teacher, mentor, and a colleague,” said Dr. Oduor, adding that Dr. Njue always stood for the truth and integrity in his professional endeavors.

Dr. Oduor further shared that Dr. Njue’s commitment to human rights and his fighting spirit were inspirational, and were influential in his own decision to pursue pathology. Colleagues Dr. Charles Muturi and Dr. Titus Ngulungu echoed these sentiments, crediting Dr. Njue with inspiring them to choose their career paths in pathology.

Dr. Muturi highlighted Dr. Njue’s contributions to the medical profession and his resilience in the face of adversity. “He fought for the truth and won,” Dr. Muturi stated, acknowledging Dr. Njue as a real fighter in both his professional and personal life.

Prominent leaders, including Embu Senator Alexander Mundigi and former Mbeere South MP Godfrey Kinga’ang’i, were present at the ceremony. They praised Dr. Njue as a trailblazer in the medical field and encouraged young aspirants in medicine to emulate his dedication and achievements.

In addition to his public service, Dr. Njue was also active in the private sector. He founded Kings Medical Training College in Nyeri, served as a lecturer at Embu University and Kenya Methodist University, and managed a funeral home in Kiritiri Township, Mbeere South Constituency, during his retirement.

Dr. Njue’s legacy in the field of pathology and his contributions to medical education and healthcare services in Kenya were fondly remembered as the community paid their respects.