Dog walker hit with three fines for walking 11 dogs at once

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A professional dog walker has received three fixed penalty notices after being spotted walking up to 11 dogs at a time.

One lady from Budleigh Salterton has regularly been spotted walking 11 dogs at a time, and concerns have also been raised that she lets the dogs off the leads, worrying fellow dog walkers.

There was also an incident on Woodbury Common involving the 11 dogs, all of which were let off their leads, involving a horse and its rider.

The dog walker has also been spotted at Wheathill Plantation and Bear Lane, Budleigh Salterton.

East Devon District Council say there is a bye law in East Devon, which requires dog walkers to walk no more than six dogs at a time.

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Members of the public say they are worried about these dogs that run around freely, and there have been several reported incidents.

In a statement, Richenda Oldham, Communications Officer at East Devon District Council said: “Three fixed penalty notices have been issued to a lady from Budleigh Salterton who has been seen to regularly walk up to 11 dogs at a time on Woodbury Common, Wheathill Plantation and Bear Lane, Budleigh Salterton.

“There is a bye law in East Devon, which requires dog walkers to walk no more than six dogs at a time and this lady has been in breach of this on several occasions.

“There is a further concern in relation to this in that the lady usually lets the dogs off the lead and often they don’t wear collars either. She is therefore unable to control all the dogs if an incident occurs with people, other dogs or horses that she encounters.

“Our message to people walking more than two or three dogs at a time is to try to avoid areas popular with the general public and to keep all the dogs on the lead so that they are under close control.

“We recommend that members of the public using the services of dog walkers and licensed home boarders ask basic questions about how and where the dogs are taken and looked after so that they can be confident that their own dogs are not likely to be involved in these types of incidents.

“We do encourage dog owners to use the services of people able to walk their dogs whilst they are at work or otherwise unable to walk them because this is clearly good for the dogs, but everyone needs to make basic checks that the people they use are acting responsibly when out with their dogs.”

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