Department of Women launches Sanitary Dignity Programme in Eastern Cape, 13 Apr

Department of Women to launch sanitary dignity programme in Eastern Cape

The Department of Women in partnership with the Eastern Cape Provincial Government will host the Provincial Launch of the Sanitary Dignity Programme in Makana Municipality.

Since 2016 the Department of Women has coordinated the development of the Sanitary Dignity Policy Framework which sought to provide minimum norms and standards for the provision of sanitary towels to indigent girls and women. The Framework aims to ensure that no girl misses school due to not having sanitary dignity products to manage a natural biological process.

Government is committed to ensuring young girls remain in school and access to sanitary dignity products is universal. With this in mind, Government announced a zero-tax rating on sanitary products which took effect from 01 April 2019. The Eastern Cape has been allocated an amount of R23 Million for the rollout of sanitary towels in the 2019/20 financial year.

The Eastern Cape Provincial Launch takes place after the national launch which took place in Piet Retief Mpumalanga on 28 February 2019. This launch is of particular importance due to the high levels of poverty experienced in the Eastern Cape, which places girls from poor households at risk of missing school regularly due to them being unable to manage their menstrual cycle hygienically.

Source: Government of South Africa