Debates – Macro-financial assistance to Tunisia (A8-0187/2016 – Marielle de Sarnez) – Elisabetta Gardini – Wednesday, 8 June 2016 – Strasbourg – Revised edition



  Elisabetta Gardini (PPE
in writing. ‒
I voted to adopt this report based on the need for Tunisia to receive additional financial support in order to retain stability and to start to solve the huge financial and social issues the country is currently facing. Tunisia has suffered severely from the Libyan civil war and the regional instability that it has created, combined with a tourist-flight after last year’s terrorist attacks and high unemployment this had put the internal stability of the country in jeopardy. Tunisia, as the only state that emerged from the Arab spring as a democracy, is in urgent need of our support both economically and politically, and it is in our interest that the country become a role model for democracy in North Africa.