Champions For Climate Action – The NDC Partnership

I am delighted to join this event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the NDC Partnership.

The NDC Partnership and UNDP’s overall development approach are closely aligned – both look to support countries to link ambitious climate targets to development goals and, in doing so, fully integrate progress on the Paris Agreement into the broader 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

There are many mutual benefits of linking the two agendas – greater efficiencies in tracking progress on the dual targets, a more nuanced understanding of trade-offs by looking across the whole economy and against a broad spectrum of development benefits, and a more harmonized and inclusive approach to engaging stakeholders across government and society at large.

Some countries are already demonstrating that development can occur without a growth in emissions, but we must move faster. The NDCs are a pivotal tool for policymakers to use in creating system change. Greater ambition also signals to the private sector that governments are taking their commitments under the Paris Agreement seriously. And our future, quite simply, rests upon unlocking and redirecting the vast reserves of private capital toward zero-carbon, climate-resilient sustainable development. This is already happening and a growing trend. For example, from Tunisia to South Africa to Uruguay, with the de-risking renewable energy approach, UNDP has supported these governments to use public finance to leverage private funding for large transformational energy projects by supporting policies designed to remove barriers to investment.

But no-one can achieve this system change alone, which is why I would like to close by commenting upon the critical importance of strong partnerships to deliver ambitious and measurable results. Only by committing to work together more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively, can we fully leverage our collective strengths to deliver on the vision of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030. The NDC Partnership, although only one year old, is already demonstrating that it has a key role to play as a driver of ambition – encouraging governments to adopt whole-of-society approaches to climate action and also encouraging development partners to improve coordination and responsiveness.

UNDP is fully committed to supporting countries on NDC implementation as a critical tool for achieving their climate change and SDG targets. Our new flagship NDC Support Programme, which will be launched tomorrow thanks to the generous financial support of BMUB, BMZ, the European Union and Spain, will also allow us to continue to actively contribute to the NDC Partnership.

We look forward to working closely with you all to ensure that momentum for the Paris Agreement continues to grow. It has been an impressive first year; we look forward to many more.