Burkina Faso Focuses on Strengthening Logistical Support for Military Success

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – Colonel-Major Jean Baptiste Parkouda, the intendant and director of statistical and sectoral studies (DGESS), emphasized the crucial role of logistical support in military operations, advocating for its strategic relocation to meet the needs of troops effectively.

According to Burkina Information Agency, logistical support is fundamental in providing the necessary resources for troops, especially the Combatant Forces, to efficiently conduct operations. This includes supplying everything required for fighting, living, stationing, moving, and self-care. He made these remarks at the conclusion of a three-day workshop in Ouagadougou, focused on the logistical support of the national armed forces.

The workshop, themed “Standardization and regulation of the logistics function in the national armed forces: a strategic requirement and an organizational necessity for the success of operational engagements,” led to strategic reflections and outcomes expected to alleviate logistical concerns on the ground in the short term.

Colonel-Major Parkouda highlighted the objective of ensuring that logistical support is readily available where and when soldiers need it most, stressing the importance of operational support’s precise and timely relocation.

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