Belgian UNIFIL battalion winds up mission in Lebanon

Belgian UNIFIL battalion winds up mission in Lebanon

Wed 10 Dec 2014 at 14:08


NNA – The Belgian UNIFIL battalion winded up its mission in Lebanon in a farewell ceremony in the presence of visiting Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput.

“Our Country has played an essential role within UNIFIL throughout all the stages of its presence in Lebanon — since 2006,” Vandeput said after touring Tebnine Governmental Hospital, which had been rehabilitated by Belgian aid.

“We have contributed to the reconstruction of the Southern village of Tebnine and provided the region’s locals with medical care,” the Belgian diplomat said after expressing “honor to be present at the immortalization ceremony of the Belgian soldiers through a memorial statue in Tebnine.”

“We conducted a wide-scale mission to remove mines. This was the main objective of the mission. In recent years, the battalion focused on de-mining along the Blue Line and the results are noteworthy since the battalion removed nearly fifteen thousand (15,000) unexploded ordnance, which constitute 40 percent of the total UNIFIL efforts. This is in addition to the humanitarian work in the provision of medical services across the region’s field hospital for three years and the support for the rehabilitation of Tebnine Hospital, and finally our work along the Blue Line to demarcate the border,” the Belgian Minister added as listing his country’s endeavors in South Lebanon.