Bassil meets with French Ambassador, foreign delegations

Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, received on Tuesday French Ambassador to Lebanon, Emmanuel Bonne, who left without giving any statement.

Minister Bassil also met with a delegation from the International Cooperation Office in the government of the Principality of Monaco chaired by Project Coordinator, Emily Silvester.

“We have a friendly message in Lebanon, which is a partner of the Principality of Monaco,” said Silvester, who congratulated the Lebanese people for the election of a President and for the upcoming government formation.

Bassil also received a delegation from the International Organisation for Migration chaired by Regional Director for Middle East and North Africa, Carmela Godeau, with talks reportedly touching on the Syrian migrants’ situation in Lebanon.

After congratulating Lebanon for the election of a President, Godeau expressed his readiness to continue working with the Lebanese government in communication with the Diaspora in the world, and in favor of the return of Syrian refugees in their country.

Source: National News Agency.

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