Answer – VP/HR – Cooperation with the African Union to manage migration flows – E-012276/2015

The Africa-EU Migration and Mobility Dialogue is the framework for dialogue and cooperation on migration between the EU and all African States. It was launched at the second Africa-EU Summit in December 2007 in Lisbon. The third Action Plan (2014-2017) was adopted at the Africa-EU Summit in April 2014, together with a stand-alone political declaration on migration and mobility. This political declaration underscored the importance both the EU and African countries attach to cooperate on this issue. An illustration of this is the Rabat Process, to which many African Union countries are party to. Since then the Khartoum Process was launched, gathering countries along the East Africa migratory route.

The EU’s stepped up response to the migration crisis has been shaped by several European Council meetings held this year(1), as well as high level events with third countries. EU external action instruments have been mobilised and expanded, with the objective to save lives, ensure protection to those in need and manage borders and mobility.

The Valletta Summit on Migration(2) has allowed the EU and African countries to address challenges and opportunities in a spirit of partnership and shared responsibility. The African Union was fully involved in the drafting of the main outcomes of the Summit and the HR/VP discussed the approach to the migration crisis with the AU Commission Chairperson Zuma on several occasions in the run up to the Summit. Leaders agreed that the elements of the action plan will be implemented simultaneously and in parallel, as part of a comprehensive and balanced package. The Trust Fund worth close to EUR 1.9 billion will provide funding to fulfil the objectives and implement the Valletta Action Plan.

(1) Formal European Councils during 2015 were held on 23 April, 25-26 June and 15-16 October. On the 23 September, 12 November and on the 29 November, informal European Council meetings were held.
(2) Valletta Summit on Migration — 11-12.11.2015.