Answer – Palm oil – E-003790/2017

The Commission has recently transmitted to the European Parliament a full response to its Resolution on palm oil.

Palm oil has agronomic characteristics which make it a very efficient producer of vegetable oil. There is evidence indicating that the expansion of palm oil plantations has been associated with deforestation and peat burning, particularly in South East Asia. The Commission encourages responsible management of supply chains, including those for palm oil, since the EU accounts for a significant share of its global demand, though it is not the largest importer overall.

The Commission is not currently planning restrictions on palm oil imports. It has commissioned a study to assess the feasibility of options to step up EU action against deforestation. In addition it held a conference on 21-23 June 2017 to engage international partners and stakeholders on challenges and opportunities to tackle illegal logging and deforestation, including with regard to commodities associated with deforestation.