Answer – EU support for controversial gas pipelines – E-015270/2015

The biennial establishment of the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) is the result of the work of the Regional Groups, assembling the relevant stakeholders, on the basis of the criteria laid down in the regulation on trans-European energy networks following a Cost Benefit Analysis of each candidate project.

A cluster of projects has been included in the second PCI list consisting of several PCIs enabling further diversification and potential expansion of future new gas supplies from the South-East (potentially from Turkmenistan, Iran, the Caspian region, etc.) to EU markets.

Currently, this cluster includes the project proposals Eastring, TESLA, the Bulgarian Gas Hub and the third phase of the BG-RO-HU-AT corridor. These projects are included under the condition that they contribute to diversification. Their inclusion could allow supporting further studies and an informed decision can be made at a later stage when more information becomes available on the expected gas supplies from new sources, hence supporting diversification. It is recalled that from the Commission’s point of view reduction of dependence on a single source is the foremost priority in this region.