Another crime in URR

Yesterday we reported another shocking incident of violence involving minors in the Upper River Region just as the dust begins to settlement on the fallout from the one-year imprisonment handed to a young woman, from the same region, for burying her innocent child alive.

This time, the victim was involved in a dispute with a gang of four minors. According to them, their contemporary was too young to smoke. Even when the victim escaped from the accused, the four boys ran after him and when he was caught again one of the accused was said to have put a touch light on his face while the other accused person was trying to take away his cap from his head, which they eventually did and then threw him into a well.

How shocking that people are still involved in such inhuman acts especially minors who were even supposed to be home reading their books in preparations for the upcoming school year rather than partying.

The Gambia in the Second Republic is known for its peaceful nature and tolerance, irrespective of the people’s tribe, race and religion.

However, this particular region continues to report the majority of the few crimes recorded by the country despite the efforts of the Jammeh administrative.

Currently, a young man, who was deported from France, Europe, is going to court because he is accused of killing his step-father, who also took him to Europe, after the deceased business tycoon was said to have confronted him for stealing several litres of fuel from him. Another young man is also entangled in a legal battle after he was said to have knocked an octogenarian woman to death while she was sleeping and a host of other reported and unreported crimes in the region.

While we implore on the youths of the country, especially those of the Upper River Region, to take advantage of the numerous development opportunities created by the government of the day rather than involving themselves in heinous crimes, we urge parents to train their children properly in order to behave well in society.