An ordeal no family should have to endure

Grant and Naomi Day have had to endure something no parent should go through.

But they have also done what many others may not have been able to do in light of such unbearable pain and loss as well.

Grant and Naomi had to watch on as their baby boy died after a misdiagnosis at the Shoalhaven Hospital in 2013.

They knew they had to do something about the death of their baby Kyran so that other parents following in their footsteps did not suffer the same fate.

From the day they lost Kyran they began campaigning for change in the health system.

On Wednesday the New South Wales’ Deputy State Coroner Magistrate Teresa O’Sullivan announced the findings into Kyran’s coronial inquest.

What followed was a wide-ranging series of recommendations for change in the hospital system.

‘’We started this journey three years ago because we wanted to make sure there was change … so anyone going to a NSW hospital could do so with trust in the medical system,’’ Kyran’s father Grant said.

‘’It’s bittersweet but we welcome the recommendations as we know Kyran’s legacy will now live forever.’’

The coroner’s report makes special mention of Kyran’s parents and of Naomi’s address to the inquest.

“She spoke beautifully about Kyran and the pain she and Grant continue to experience; I was very moved,” Deputy State Coroner Magistrate Teresa O’Sullivan stated.

“Naomi and Grant attended court every day of this inquest along with Kyran’s grandparents.

“Naomi and Grant have known each other since they were 13 years old.

“Grant’s mother and Naomi’s mother both worked as nurses at the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital and are close friends.

“Kyran’s death has been extremely traumatic for the whole family.

“I offer the family my heartfelt condolences.

“I thank them for their enormous contribution to this inquest.”  

What a great sacrifice to make and a gift to give after the loss of your child.

As tragic and as sad as it is, the hope this will lead to positive change in the health system is something to be positive about.

It seems Kyran Day will have a long lasting legacy after all. 

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