Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou attends the meeting of the EU General Affairs Council (Luxembourg, 09 April 2019)

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou participated in today’s meeting of the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, whose main topic was Brexit.

During her intervention, she noted that the EU has demonstrated a positive stance with regard to Brexit since, during the negotiations, it once again laid on the table a culture of compromise and consensus. In addition, she stressed that a disorderly withdrawal on the part of the United Kingdom would be harmful both for political, as well as economic reasons, while mentioning that the EU ought to be proud of its rejection of the scenario of a disorderly withdrawal.

With regard to the issue of the duration of an extension of article 50, she expressed her support for the adoption of a flexible long-term extension. At the same time, she noted that the United Kingdom ought to provide clear positions with regard to its plans, in order for the Withdrawal Agreement to be ratified, and she expressed the need for continuing the honest cooperation between London and the EU over the course of the extension.

Wrapping up her intervention, she stressed that with our stance and positions, we strengthen the culture of consensus, while unity is safeguarded and strengthened within the EU. In this context, the leaders will decide on the issue of an extension, while the scenario of withdrawal without agreement does not constitute a political position for the EU.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic